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San Antonio.- From the new Pixar movie to holographic baseball cards, everything’s better in 3D. Turns out that’s true when fighting breast cancer too. That’s why San Antonio’s very own Nix Medical Center became one of the first healthcare systems to offer 3D mammograms, giving women new hope and ease of mind.

“This technology will put Nix on the map as a leader in technology and ranked with the top mammography facilities in the world to offer the absolute best breast imaging for patients,”  Dr. Joseph Williams, Nix Medical Center Chief of Radiology, said.

The digital technology, also known as 3D breast tomosynthesis, could be a game changer for the fight against breast cancer. It has become a revolutionary technology that could reduce the number of callbacks, patient anxiety, and unnecessary procedures.

“If it can help find an additional 5% of cancers that can be missed, it means everything to our patients and their families,” Williams said.

What makes this technology so promising?

A 3D mammogram takes multiple images of each breast at different angles. The images are then stacked together and combined to create a 3D reconstruction that enables specialists to identify each individual breast structure. This eliminates the confusion of overlapping tissue, creating remarkably clear images.

“The images are simply amazing,” says Dr. Kathryn Wagner, Breast Specialist and Surgeon.

A 3D mammogram does not replace the traditional mammogram. Instead, the extra three to four seconds in the procedure supplements the normal 2D mammogram Ana Flores, Nix Health’s corporate relations coordinator, explained.

While insurance companies do not yet cover the procedure, a 3D mammogram only adds $50 to the bill.

While 3D technology is most known in the entertainment industry, when it comes to your health, the new technology is no laughing matter.

It is very important for women to get the annual check-up. Nix Health hopes by offering the latest technology e more San Antonio women will get breast exams. According to the Nix , breast cancer is the second most deadly cancer among women. About one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Chances are you know or you will know someone dear in your life who suffers from breast cancer.

But 3D imagery offers a ray of hope. When cancer is found early enough, the five-year survival rate is an amazing 98 percent.

“We hope that the word gets spread and people start coming our way,” Flores said.

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