Serving the San Antonio Community since 1930

Our Mission and History

Mission Statement
We are dedicated to providing an environment for healthcare excellence where the patients are cared for with compassion, physicians prefer to practice and employees are valued.

Total Patient Focus
We are devoted to the art of caring, for without compassion there is no power to heal. Our focus centers on our patients and their families as we strive to meet their healthcare needs with personal attention, respect and encouragement.

We are empowered by the strength of the team, for it ensures a partnership of people working together toward common goals. We believe in recognizing the individual talents of our employees, volunteers and physicians, as they are our most valuable resource.

We are dedicated to the principle of integrity, for honest endeavor is the cornerstone of success. We pledge to conduct our business operations in a manner judged to be beyond reproach.


We are committed to the challenge of leadership, for it advances our quest on the leading edge of medical science. This leadership is reflected in our innovative programs and services, progressive facilities and the visionary outlook of our people.


To be the healthcare system of choice in San Antonio and the surrounding communities.

The Nix Professional Building was established in 1930 during the heart of the Great Depression. With few resources available, Joseph M. Nix developed an adventurous concept of a multi-million dollar structure that would house a hospital, physician offices and a parking garage. This unique concept transformed the face of healthcare in San Antonio and South Texas. In fact, this "medical mall" was the first of its kind in the United States. The J.M. Nix Professional Building, now known as the Nix Medical Center, has been a leader in medical care in South Texas since its opening in 1930.  

Nix Health, which now includes facilities throughout San Antonio, offers comprehensive medical services from primary care doctors and specialists to behavioral health, physical rehabilitation and home care. Today, in conjunction with physicians, Nix Health has dramatically expanded its scope of services and continues to provide quality, patient-centered healthcare.

Nix Health Firsts
Nix Health continues to maintain its leadership role in healthcare delivery with physicians who perform many "firsts" in their industry: 

  • A Nix physician researched and developed vitalium metal plates, which are the first non-rusting metal used for repairing bone fractures.
  • Nix Health was the first hospital in San Antonio to offer lens implants and TAG laser ophthalmic surgery.
  • Nix Health was the first hospital in San Antonio to open a Nuclear Medicine department and to offer radiation therapy.
  • Nix physicians performed the first bone scans.
  • Staffed by geriatric specialists, Nix has the first Senior Health Center that is completely focused on older adults and conveniently provides a wide range of medical services in one building.
  • First facility west of the Mississippi to have a 40-slice Brilliance CT scanner, which makes diagnosis more accurate because of the never-before-seen detailed pictures of the arteries and organs of the body.
  • First facility in San Antonio to offer "soft" mammography to encourage more women to get regular mammograms.
  • First facility in San Antonio to provide a truly comprehensive Wound Healing Center to help those with wounds that will not heal properly.